Rustock Reward

   Need some extra pocket money to finish out your summer plans?  Well, here's your chance--and in the process you can help reduce worldwide spam.  

   Ever since the Rustock botnet {Chapter 2 Security+ 3ed} was crippled by Microsoft and others using the courts instead of technology (see Mar 19 2011 blog) the amount of spam coming from its zombies has decreased significantly.  Yet because there are still hundreds of thousands of Rustock zombies {Chapter 2 Security+ 3ed} still out there, Microsoft has decided to keep the pressure on.  In June Microsoft published notices in two Russian newspapers to service as notice to the individuals behind Rustock of the civil lawsuit that has been filed against them.  And on Monday (Jul 18 2011) Microsoft maee an even bolder move.  They are now offering a quarter of a million dollars for new information that results in the identification, arrest and criminal conviction of the Rustock operators.  Microsoft says that "residents of any country are eligible for the reward pursuant to the laws of that country, because the Rustock botnet affected the Internet community worldwide".  

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   Stay secure!