Office XP and Vista SP1 Support Update

   If you're a user of older Microsoft products, next Tuesday (Jul 12 2011) support for Microsoft Office XP and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) is being changed. For Vista SP1 Microsoft will no longer provide public patches {Chapter 3 Security+ 3ed}, including security updates. This means that any automatic updates that normally are available each month on Patch Tuesday will be discontinued.  Office XP, which has not received security updates for the past 5 years, will have all support dropped (however, the software will continue to work OK and new installations can still be activated).

   As a policy Microsoft supports its business products for 10 years: Years 1-5 are "mainstream support" and Years 6-10 are "extended support." Extended support means that any non-security fixes are provided only to companies that have paid for special support contracts.  For Office XP it is ten years old and is moving out of extended support, while Vista SP1 is moving into extended support.

   Vista users can install Vista SP2 and continue to receive mainstream support until April 10, 2012.  Office XP users must upgrade to a more recent version of Office.

   Stay secure!