Apple Patches 36 Security Vulnerabilities

   This past Thursday (Jun 23 2011) Apple released patches {Chapter 3 Security+ 3ed} for its Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system that fixed 36 security vulnerabilities.  In this update Apple pushed out 12 more MacDefender signatures to protect against "scareware" fake antivirus warnings (see May 23 2011 blog posting).  Another fix was for the Mac OS X font renderer to the open-source database MySQL that comes bundled with the server versions of Leopard and Snow Leopard.  Interestingly, Oracle (who purchased MySQL three years ago) had patched these MySQL vulnerabilities back in February.  The size of the Apple patches range from 256MB and 474MB. Apple also distributed security patches for Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) to address 13 security vulnerabilities.  These latest patches follow the March update that addressed 55 vulnerabilities.

   Apple owners will want to be sure that they apply these updates for two reasons.  First, obviously to stay secure.  Second, they must be applied before the next version of the Mac OS, known as Lion, can be installed.  Lion will be available through the Mac App Store in July at a cost of $30.  The size of the Lion download is about 4GB.

   You can read about the Mac OS updates at

   Stay secure!