Tablets and Security

   It's no surprise: tablet computers are incredibly popular.  Since Apple released the iPad in April 2010 it has sold almost 15 million units.  A recent study released by Cisco estimates that in four years 6% of all Internet traffic will be generated by tablets.  That is more than all Internet traffic combined for the entire year of 2006.  Some industry thinkers predict that the tablet will soon become our primary computing device, with the desktop computer only being used when we must do extensive typing.

   For the enterprise tablets are increasingly being used by workers to store and transmit sensitive company data.  A survey from Harris Interactive revealed that almost half of tablet users transfer sensitive data over the device (compared to about one-third of users who do it with their smartphones).  So what can be done to protect data on tablets?  It's much the same as with other computing devices.  Be sure that there is a strong password {Chapter 8 Security+ 3ed} on each device to protect it in the event it is lost or stolen.  Also, use cryptography {Chapter 11 Security+ 3ed} to secure sensitive data.  And one other tool that is not available for standard computing devices that should be considered is an app that can remotely wipe the entire contents of a tablet.

   Stay secure!