Apple Turning Point?

   The fake security software scams (called "scareware") that is infecting Apple computers (see May 23 2011 blog) has now prompted Apple to take action after it was criticized for not publicly responding to the threat.  Apple has stated that there will be an update to the Mac OS X that will not only dig out and remove any fake security software that has infected a Mac, but it will also warn uninfected users if they try to download this Trojan malware {Chapter 2 Security+ 3ed}.  This is considered significant because up until now the latest Apple Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) only had a minimal malware detection system.

  Until the update appears, Apple users who visit a Web site that suddenly displays the "Your computer may be infected; click here to clean it!" message should close their browser.  If the browser automatically downloads and launches the malware installer users should cancell the installation and go to the "Downloads" folder to delete the program (the same holds true for Windows users).

  Is this a turning point?  Is this (as some security researchers are claiming) Apple now admitting that there are security problems with Mac OS?  Will it deflate the argument that Apple computers are more secure the Windows, and users don't have to be concerned about security?  We'll see.

  Whether you're an Apple or Windows user, stay secure!